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Test Your Identification Skills With the Termite Teeth Challenge!

Ph.D Candidate and student researcher at the University of Georgia, Allison Johnson, is in need of some help to compare expert identifications of termite teeth to your best identification guesses. Allison works with Dr. Brian Forschler at UGA and they do some really cool work – check out more here I took the challengeContinue reading “Test Your Identification Skills With the Termite Teeth Challenge!”

Determining the Best Placement for Rodent Devices at Commercial Food Buildings

Rodent devices at food facilities are typically spaced according to the standards of an auditing body, or a company’s standard operating procedures, or because “that’s just the way we’ve always done it.” Indoors, traps are usually 20-40 feet apart and exterior stations are spaced 50 to 100 feet apart. But, have you ever thought aboutContinue reading “Determining the Best Placement for Rodent Devices at Commercial Food Buildings”

Non-Chemical Bed Bug Management

Bed bugs are one of the most labor-intensive pests that pest management professionals (PMPs) tackle. These tiny, cryptic (i.e. well hidden) creatures can get into almost anything inside of human spaces and are keenly adept at spreading by themselves or hitching a ride. Often, digging into the PMP toolbox and utilizing a combination of toolsContinue reading “Non-Chemical Bed Bug Management”

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